Summery of South America

Although we still have some time left here in Buenos Aires we wanted to share with you our favourites from the second half of our trip. This is the summery of the Good, Bad and Ugly from Colombia to Argentina! We hope you enjoy!

The Realities of Overlanding and Advice We Wish We Had Before

How much does an overlanding trip cost? Do I need to bring ice packs? What about corruption or theft? Are these considerations I need to make before I go? We hope with this blog post, we can make your upcoming overlanding trip more feasible or help you better imagine what life is like on the road. Feel free to write us if you have any questions and we hope you enjoy! (Warning more of a stats and figures blog post if you are into that. We have included our budge, gas and calendar data sheets as well)

Offroading Through Bolivia

Bolivia is a beautiful country which we wish we could have explores more of if it weren’t for our lack of patience at the particular time we visited. However what we did see was amazing, the Salar de Uyuni and the Lagunas route. If you are thinking about going give this a read, and if not give it a read anyways and the pictures just might convince you ro.

Mexico and Central America summed up

Well it has been such a great journey thus far in our Landcruiser starting in Mexico 3.5 months ago and making it down to Panama. We have enjoyed our time and all the experiences, the good ones and the bad that have made up this trip. In summary of our drive through Mexico and Central America we have created a list of the best and the worst with, don’t worry, lots of pictures. Hope you might find it useful and interesting!

Nicaragua: Part 2

Right now we are sitting in a German Bakery in Costa Rica, enjoying yet another day of rain, catching up on the updating we have been slacking on, so here it is! Nicaragua Continued….. Most people fly into Managua, crash for one night then take off to all the surrounding exciting cities and natural wonders….

Staying online while being on the road

Our thoughts on how to stay online while being on the road, and our review on the wireless pocket size modem by Tep Wireless. On our roadtrip through Mexico and Centralamerica (sofar), we’ve been taking our time to test out the mobile hotspot, by the company Tep Wireless. here’s our verdict and explanation on why…

The unwritten rules for driving in Mexico

Sarcasm may appear If you’re considering a roadtrip in Mexico, there’s a few basic, very simple rules you should know about. The roads Locals working on the roads after rain floods demanding tips is not a rare thing. It seems to us, that they don’t work as much as they demand tips. Even if you…