Our Goal

We have many goals and dreams for this upcoming trip from seeing all that nature has to offer, going green and living the essence of our name : sharing sandwiches along the way. Most people meet and chat over coffee. Well our friendship got started over a small gesture of sharing a sandwich and something so simple has created something grand and long lasting. On our journey through the Americas we hope to not only connect with our surroundings but the people who live there and understand and experience their cultures. Food brings many people together and we hope that we can try different sandwiches with a hint of each country’s or city’s flavour while talking and creating friendships along the way.

A second important factor to our journey is being ecologically friendly. We are both big fans of mother nature’s work and are having a difficult time morally completing this dream of a trip with the ecological effects it has. Our dream was to have a fully electric car and travel the continent with self sustaining solar energy but it was not possible at this time (hopefully a future trip!). Instead we will continue with our goal of creating solar self sustaining energy while also recording our carbon output. Although it does not replace the carbon we will put into our precious environment, we will calculate our carbon footprint and donate the appropriate amount to the many organizations working to neutralize it. As well we will be going trashless. Road trips, like the one we just experienced, seem to produce more trash than one regularly would in their everyday life. So while we are on the road we will be aiming to limit our waste output to recycling and composting, not filling up our already full landfills. We are excited for the challenge to live as eco-friendly as possible on our drive south.