Summery of South America

Although we still have some time left here in Buenos Aires we wanted to share with you our favourites from the second half of our trip. This is the summery of the Good, Bad and Ugly from Colombia to Argentina! We hope you enjoy!

The Realities of Overlanding and Advice We Wish We Had Before

How much does an overlanding trip cost? Do I need to bring ice packs? What about corruption or theft? Are these considerations I need to make before I go? We hope with this blog post, we can make your upcoming overlanding trip more feasible or help you better imagine what life is like on the road. Feel free to write us if you have any questions and we hope you enjoy! (Warning more of a stats and figures blog post if you are into that. We have included our budge, gas and calendar data sheets as well)

Staying online while being on the road

Our thoughts on how to stay online while being on the road, and our review on the wireless pocket size modem by Tep Wireless. On our roadtrip through Mexico and Centralamerica (sofar), we’ve been taking our time to test out the mobile hotspot, by the company Tep Wireless. here’s our verdict and explanation on why…