Fred’s Story

I’m Frederik. I like being active. I like exploring, traveling and I like to feel like a citizen of the world. Challenges are my fuel and the best ones are those I feed myself.

Like Taylor, I have always been active in sports. I am close to saying that I have almost done them all. Soccer, handball, floorball, volleyball, swimming, american football and much more. At the moment I am in love with underwater rugby, track running and orienteering. All of which are sports that are hard to practice while you’re on the road. So maybe Taylor and I will come up with something new because Taylor is a fast, badass on the tracks, and I have no chance of keeping up with her. So I will have to find a discipline that I can beat her in!

I’ve done a fair amount of traveling, but until recent years, my travels have been more like holidays than “journeys”. My first “real” journey must have been the Camino de Santiago which I did in 2015. It was an exciting trip that made me realise I wanted much more of this style of travelling. The Camino was really convenient. You had a bunk every night; you walked from cafe to cafe; and you did not have to carry very much. In spite of how convenient it was, I still have loads of respect of people who hike it. After is 500 miles. And 500 miles gives you time to walk. Time to explore. Time to think.

In 2014, I approached Volkswagen and Clever to sponsor an electric car, in order for my ex and I to travel Europe and prove that it was possible in an electric car. That was a really cool project and challenge. We drove through Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France and the UK. Volkswagen told us, that if shit hit the fan we could always just park the car and take a plane home. That provoked me. There was no chance in hell that I would give up and abandon the very same project that I had initiated. So of course, we succeeded and proved that it was not without difficulties but definitely possible.

However, it was most likely the Camino hike that gave my wanderlust a kickoff. Soon after its completion, I watched the movie “Into the Wild” which only provoked me further. This time however, I wanted to go on a little less convenient type of hike. So I did. The Tour de Mont Blanc was up. It’s a beautiful hike that takes you through France, Italy, Switzerland and beautiful mountain-scenery. The TMB was a little less convenient, but I still wanted to take it up a notch. So the next year I chose to hike the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail). It was a spontaneous decision; so I did not really know what I got myself into. Nor, did I have enough time to get a tourist visa that would allow me to stay more than three months. This meant that I started on a hike that I in no way could complete in the time given. I did 800 miles on the PCT (nearly a third), and it was nothing less than awesome. I loved how inconvenient things were on this trail. You had to carry a load of food and water for days at a time. You had to watch out for animals; bears, snakes, scorpions, spiders. It felt more like being in nature on its own turf. I liked it a lot.

If I liked it that way, then why am I going on a long road trip now? For several reasons. Hiking is great and being immersed in nature is an awesome experience; but hiking does not allows you to see the Americas in 6 months. But hiking does not allow you to see South America in six months. Which is what I want to do. That being said there is no way we will be driving through the Americas without stopping all the time to hike.


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