The End Has Come. So What Happens To Share A Sandwich Now?

There are lots of questions surrounding Share A Sandwich that have been asked through out our trip and especially now at the end. Some of them we were never able to answer clearly and some we now have an answer because our time road tripping the Americas is up after almost 8 months on the road and just over 8 months together. Here I will try to answer some, starting with the easiest of course.

What happens to the Share A Sandwich blog?

We have had a great time writting this blog, sharing our stories, hopefully giving others ideas for the trip, or those doing the trip, or inspiration to anyone for just hopping in a car no matter where or how long! However months ago we far exceeded the free website storgae capacity because I upload way to many pictures, so I, Taylor, bought the domain of this website.

For now the domain will remain the same until I find a name that is suitable to change it to. When I do there will still be a tab on the blog where you, and we for that matter, can go and see all the same blog posts and pictures over the course of our trip!

What happens to our trusty old Toyota Landcruiser Sandwich?

Frederik has owned our dear 1988 FJ62 Landcruiser from the start. It has been his baby the whole time, and like a good parent, he had been having a hard time with the idea of letting it go. So intead of selling to another overlander at the end of the world, he is shipping it from Buenos Aires back to Denmark. Where he plans to get it back into tip top condition.

What happens to the creators and travel partners from this whole journey?

This is the hardest question to answer. Many times thoughout the trip we were asked how we met, how long we had been together, if we were even together, and what we would do after. Well at the start of the blog we explained how we met and how the idea and traveling together came to be. To answer the rest, we are physically together 24/7 but things beyond that were always a little to foggy to explain. We have had an amazing time together, we have a lot of fun and that’s all we could ever ask for. We have learned that we travel really well together and to answer the last, we are two people who are going back home, I to Canada and Frederik to Denamrk. He, back to a new position in the Danish Navy, and I am just trying to find any job. We do hope though that one day we will meet up again for another adventure.

Thank you all for following along on this journey with us. It was definitely one we both will remember for life. Thats all for now….and for forever!

If you have anymore questions, with regards to anything on this trip (car, route, safety ect) please feel free to comment below and we will do our best to answer!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Gerrie Roberts says:

    Taylor … i am a friend of your gramma, Lin Farquhar & have very much loved following you on this journey. Amazing story … amazing photos!!
    I was in South America a lot of years ago but on a cruise ship which travelled down the east coast with several interesting stops along the way, 500 miles up the Amazon & ended in Rio de Janiero.


  2. seano says:

    Hey, I enjoyed following along on your adventures through the rest of South America. Since the Land Cruiser is headed to Denmark, maybe you two can do trans-Asia next!

    — Sean from Cotopaxi


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