Summery of South America

We have officially ended the driving portion of our trip, and the whole thing has nearly come to a close after months on the road. We have again made our lists of the best and worst in every country, this time however through South America. Before we get to that we have written a little comedic story we created when we were bored of how it goes down in South America between the countries we visited, just to give everyone a better overall view of the parts of the continent we visited and it’s VERY loosely told history.

Peru hates Chile, Bolivia hates Chile, Bolivia also hates Peru, Chile doesn’t give a f*** about either, says get at me after they have taken the nitrogen-rich desert in the Pacific. Chile and Argentina seem to be amicable but Argentina is like yeah I am grown and a little more sophisticated because the Americans come to my side of the Patagonia more than any of your natural wonders. So instead of picking fights with you punks ill do it with Britain. Well, Argentina decided to pick a fight over the Falkland Islands and hate Britain and Britain was like brah, you know who you’re talking to? Britain has no problem with them but Argentina is still a little sour over the whole event. Everyone still bullies Bolivia, after having taken its land and making it the only country in South America without access to the sea, so Bolivia takes it out on the world and says f*** all foreigners by making Gringo prices on gas, then not even serving you. Columbia just hated its self for a while but they are happy these days now that ‘he who can not be named’ is gone. Ecuador is a little self-centred with all these import taxes and restrictions on buying their cheap gas but will let others join in on the fun from time to time. Low key behind the scenes of all of this Chile knows that it is the best and is pulling up its socks in all the areas, especially infrastructure, roads and police to be the greatest. They are telling themselves, this year is our year to be top in the Lonely Planet travel books. The End.

Now for the real deal. Our list of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly in all the countries we drove through in South America.


BEST: The Cocaine…….. JK we did not do any of that. The drive on the windy roads through Colombia coffee country. It is amazing how farmers can even farm their crops off the side! We both really liked the city of Medellin and the history behind it all.

WORST: The amount of hostels we had to stay in while waiting in Cartagena for our car to arrive from Panama. The number of people and loud music with the same 4 songs playing over and over again made us leave one altogether.


BEST: Outdoor adventure capital of South America for us. We both made a first try at mountaineering and getting above 5000m altitude! And of course, Frederik jumped off a bridge the proceeded to push me.

WORST: The point of the centre of the world was a lie and closed while we were there anyway. (We actually loved it here so it is hard to a bad thing to say. The weather was good, cities were enjoyable and parks were phenomenal)


BEST: Best yet terrifying was driving through the Andes mountains on their 1 lane, 1000m straight drop with no guardrail roads. As well, Kuelap, another ancient ruin similar to Macchu Picchu.

WORST: Well, the obvious answer would be the accident with the bull. But I would go further to say it was how dusty, dry and dirty it was seemingly everywhere.


BEST: Lagunas route. It was an amazing off road drive for days, everything a 4×4 overlander could ever want. Obviously second to that was the salt flats. Those were actually the only 2 things we did in Bolivia anyways!

WORST: La Paz, a horrible city with horrible traffic.


BEST: They have their shit together, police, infrastructure, roads and national parks, it was an extremely nice change. On the Carretera Austral (while the road was paved) driving through the colours of fall!

(oh and the marble caves, oh and our convoy campsites, oh and the coastal beach cookouts, oh and the 2 national parks in the northern Patagonia…..the list goes on)

WORST: The length of the country, it takes forever to drive and the price of life and gas is high! But more importantly, a sad thing for the locals as well, all their concerts are dry……even Lollapoluza


BEST: The meat Frederik has been drooling over in his mind for months now and the way they cook it. Our grill out has transformed into Argentina style slow cooking. Another big highlight was Glacier National Park, in specific Fitz Roy.

WORST: When the roads are bad, they are really bad. The worst on our entire trip in fact.

South America In General

BEST: Taylor: When I finally got to experience fall and it happened to be, in the best place for it, the Patagonia mountain range. Fred: Cotopaxi and the Lagunas route

WORST: Taylor: Peru in general (sorry everyone who really had a good experience, my first trip there was great and the views from the road were undeniably amazing) Fred: Also Peru and driving the awful gravel/dirt/pot hole roads in Chile and Argentina (which broke our car)
Taylor’s Favourites Thus Far:

  • Campsite: A wild camp in Argentina, close to the Chile border. We had a great cookout with Frederik making a Danish national dish Frikadeller. We woke up to a perfect morning, clouds hanging over the lake, wild horses drinking from it and the sunrise turning the mountains orange.
  • Hike: Fitz Roy, Glacier National Park
  • Food: Frederik’s amazing campfire ribs on the beach with loads of grilled vegetables on the side.
  • Favourite City: Medellin
  • Best Moment: The ones were Frederik wakes up before me! (rare) And I get tea in bed.
  • Addition to our car: back support for the long drives, change my life
  • Funniest things Frederik has done or said: That he asks me to hold the wheel because he needs two hands to put on lip balm! How much he swears at love movies.
  • The thing I hated the most: Opening our food container, after 3 weeks of being left in a hot box while being shipped from Panama, to almost vomit from the smell and clean out the maggots crawling around. I still cannot forget the smell.

Frederik’s Favourites Thus Far:

  • Campsite: Same as Taylor. A wild camp in Argentina, close to the Chile border. We had a great cookout where I made Frikadeller. We woke up to a perfect morning, clouds hanging over the lake, wild horses drinking from it and the sunrise turning the mountains orange.
  • Hike: Cotopaxi
  • Food: The food we made when we were in Lima, including quiche and cheesecake
  • Favourite City: Buenos Aires
  • Moment: When I fell into a river in the night and was not caught by the stream
  • Addition to our car: Big propane bottle
  • Funniest thing Taylor has done or said: In Cotopaxi National Park, in the freezing winds, Taylor politely asked: “can I help you with anything” (and hoped for a “no”). Two minutes later she found herself under the car, going at it with a grease gun.
  • The thing I hated the most: The Latino Music and the level at which they blare it at.

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