The Great North: Canada 

After a month and a half of planning over big times zone differences and busy schedules Frederik was finally on his way over to North America to start our journey through the Americas! 

Unfortunately due to time and economy constraints we were not able to live out our plan of driving from my home town in Ontario, to the east coast of Canada, down through the eastern United States and into Mexico. Instead we would spend just over a weeks time in my town planning, bombarding him with family and friend events and getting in a few key adventures in the area to give him his second ever Canadian experience in the span of only 2 months. 

He arrived at time which my family and friends perceived as ideal, however I cannot speak on his behalf, but it was my birthday weekend which meant 2 big family dinners and my friends beautiful engagement party. So he was constantly bombarded with new faces asking questions and sizing him up to see if we would make good travel partners. 

Jacqueline’s Great Gatsby engagement party 

Well he made it through all of their interrogations still sane and happy so I would take that as a success, a good sign for the start of our trip.  

I am from a small town near London, Ontario. Frederik and I had completed the 101 from upper California to Vancouver so it was hard to try and top that here. Southern Ontario is a very beautiful place however just like anywhere in Canada in order to get to the prime time locations one must make quite a drive to get there. Being that we had a lot of planning to accomplish he didn’t get the best Canadian tour I ought to have given him. However we did make a couple firsts. 

1. Grand bend speedway 

The jet engine race car

Casually going 268mph
The weather was shitty on Saturday night but we headed to the race track. I grew up racing sprint carts on the small circle track near by and watching the drag strip afterwards. The headliners for the night were funny cars and jet engines, so I was hoping Frederik would enjoy the show like I use to. Being the car freak that he is, and the non-stop Toyota Landcruiser talk the last couple days I wasn’t surprised when he totally started geeking out. When the jet engine cars flew down the run way we all laughed that how happy and surprised with childish excitement Frederik was. Of course we had to end the night with a little Canadian touch. You have to try poutine at least once before leaving, it is just to great to miss out on.

2. Niagara falls 

Getting wet on the Hornblower

I have been to Niagara a few times, unfortunately only to take my foreign friends there, fulfilling their Canadian tourist experience even though I never go myself. However this time we both made a successful ‘first time’ trip out of it. We boarded the hornblower and got soaked with the spray from the biggest waterfall in the world in terms of volume as the boat approached as close as it could to the bottom of the Niagara falls. 

3. Toronto Blue Jays MLB game 

The real show of the night
The Rogers Centre

Frederik being a sports lover, and I being the terrible Canadian sports fan that I am attended our first MLB game the night before our departure.  Maybe it was beginners luck but baseball in my head was notorious for being boring or super exciting, nothing in between. Well we were lucky. We saw a homerun,  a grand slam and many other things my family and fans surrounding us expressed to be a big deal,  so big I guess I cannot remember the terms for them. 

4. Toronto 

Views from floor 34
Distillery district

Thanks to my friend we were able to crash in a high rise, downtown Toronto, looking out towards the CN tower our final night in Canada. I myself had never really toured around Toronto that much, even though I lie to every single foreign person I meet when traveling telling them I am from Toronto, because I do like close. We explored the distillery district, another first for the both of us then headed with all of our gear to the airport to the lower half of North America, LA and then soon to be Mexico. 


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