‘I have not idea what I’m doing’

The past month we’ve been so busy planning and preparing, that I haven’t really spent time, to comprehend how big a deal this trip is. Sitting on the plane from Toronto to Los Angeles, eating my complimentary plastic wrapped cookies, drinking my McCafe coffee, I somewhat realised what we’re actually up to. That made me invite myself to try and comprehend it. This is the feeling it left me with:

By that I don’t mean, that I feel like a dog in a lab, mixing deadly cocktails in a teacup, but that – in spite of a hundred hours of planning and researching (not exaggerating) – I feel like I don’t have any idea about what I’m up to. Don’t get me wrong, because if anyone is ready it’s us. We have the route mapped out and prepared more permits, insurances and vaccines than you can possibly think of. But relatively – in comparison to this project – I feel like I haven’t planned for anything at all. the Six months through North-, Central- and Southamerica – that’s a lot of time and energy!

Guess that’s a pretty healthy feeling as it naturally makes me more humble. And humble is never bad. It makes you aware and respectfull. 

A lot of people say, that traveling makes the world bigger. I feel the exact opposite way. When I read or hear about something or some place, I always imagine the place as huge and incomprehensible. When I finally get there, the table turns. How so? I’ll tell you by giving some examples of what I discovered while seeing the world.

I discover, that the Burj Khalifa is nothing but a tall building, that feels dry and warm to touch. I discover that the Niagara Falls is nothing but a ginormous waterfall, that gets you wet just from being nearby it. I discover, that the Chinese wall is a looooooong wall, that someone built a looooooong time ago, that twists like a snake through the most beautiful natural places of China. I discover that Greenland is nothing but a regular island, only a little colder than average, with polarbears and a lot of snow (and Santa Claus of course).

That’s one of the reasons why I like to travel and see the world. It makes a lot of things, countries, cultures more comprehensible and it makes the world seem smaller.

So is that really why I’m going on this journey?

Well yeah, I guess – but also for a lot of other reasons. I guess I’ll only really know what this project was about, once it’s over. By then it’ll be easier to reflect and comprehend it all. Frederik out.


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