Our Story

T:     It was summer 2016 on the Tour de Mont Blanc trail where we met. I, Taylor, was hiking with 9 ladies from British Columbia. I had made a connection these women two summers ago while living on the west coast. Frederick on the other hand was doing the hike solo. We met on the second night of the trek in a campground where he offered half of his sandwich to me as I was passing by and as all hungry hikers do, I gladly accepted the food.  Unbenounced to me, it came along with the worst alcohol I have ever tasted. Forewarning: Don’t believe a Dane when they say Underberg is good and you should try it.

After that night Frederik joined our group of ladies hiking for 5 days and we camped together along the trail while the ladies stayed in the refuges for the night. At the end of the hike we met back up in Chamonix where we celebrated over the completion and said goodbye one last time, expecting to never see each other again.

F:      Almost a year later, while Taylor was still finishing up her studies, I decided to begin my hike along the Pacific Crest Trail on the west coast of The United States. I started at the border of Mexico, knowing that I could not make it to the Canadian border due to my short visa. Taylor had planned a whole cross country America road trip and asked me to join, while unbenounced to her, we would discover that our American visas would expired on the same day. I finished 780 miles of the PCT making my way to Lake Tahoe, where we had promised to meet up again after a year and celebrate the American independence holiday, July 4th, together with my friends from the trail as well. The morning of the 5th we waved goodbye to my friends who were hiking onward and headed west to the Redwoods, starting our journey on the 101 upwards, enjoying the race against the Visa deadline.

It was a great 2 weeks and as we were crossing the Canadian border I turned to Taylor and suggested on a whim we drive to South Africa together from Denmark. I felt like my time of traveling was not halfway over and I really enjoyed traveling with Taylor. So I threw the idea up in the air, and Taylor caught it! For the following week and a half we dreamed up all the routes possible, finally settling on driving the Americas. Our goal is to make it to the southernmost tip of South America, however we will unfortunately not start in Alaska the northernmost trip. I was already back in Europe for a week when this decision was final. I spent four days in London, followed by four days in Dubai, which gave me all the time I needed to do a lot of planning. In the end I only needed to buy a plane ticket for California (where I would pick up my new car – YAY!). Having done that there would be no way back, and the die would be cast.

Our dream is now to finish the bottom half of highway 101 and continue south through Mexico, Central America  and into South America following wherever the road may take us. While along the way experiencing the beauty of all these different countries, states and regional cultures by sharing our love for food with others. Striking up conversations and friendships, just like ours did, over a simple sandwich.


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